‘There’s Something About Your Character… EP (2015)

Here I want to share with you the message behind the music. The stories that brought life to this EP.
8 songs. 8 new insights. Enjoy the read 🙂

How Long Must You Wait… – Wrote on February 25, 2014

“You might be seeking to validate your experience through an external source, but as an artist, you don’t need to get approval from another source to help you interpret your own. In other words, your experience is your own experience.”

These are the words that were spoken to me and changed my attitude significantly. The biggest thing I got out of this was Hesitation and Procrastination. Those two things are what slows down the progression of developing your ability. Most people wait for external sources to move forward in life. But really it all comes down to you. It’s what you feel is right and what will make you happy.

After hearing those words I was in my room, and I had a vision.

“I was sitting on a white stool. In front of a large white door, in an empty, open, white room. It felt real, but it was a dream. In this dream, I heard the door knock, as I sat there looking at this large door. I was timid, I ignored the knock and continued to sit there doing nothing. Every knock I heard got louder and louder. It was calling my name, and still, I sat there waiting for something to happen. I continued to hear the knocking on the door, it intensified, and still, I sat there thinking about answering that door. But I never got off that stool to see what was waiting behind. I sat there as a light shined through the keyhole. And not one foot touched the floor. I sat there thinking some more”.

After I had that vision I knew I had to answer the door that was always knocking. That door was my calling and telling me to walk through and embrace the unknown. To take on my fears and banish doubt. To live to my fullest potential.

The emotion behind the song is about breaking free. Whatever it is that makes you feel free. You can arrive at that place. Never hold back, and keep consistent.

There is a strength within all of us. We always have more to give, and more we can do. The decision you make is up to you. How far are you willing to go?

How long must you wait…

Blue & Green – Wrote on April 07, 2014

“Speak my truth, open up my heart, and do all I do in love”.

Blue & Green was the beginning of new growth for me. This song is about transformation, and the process we go through, just like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

In March 2014 I spent one month in Queensland up in the Wongawallen Mountains and I had an idea that took form. I wanted to write a song and play both Guitar and Cajon at the same time.

During my time in Queensland, I was blessed with an incredible view of the Gold Coast.

I remember going out for a walk one morning, I paused,  and I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds covering the majority of the sun. Here’s a picture I took.

(Beautiful, isn’t it?)

There was a sense of darkness as the light from the sun was just barely shining through. You could see it, but the true radiance was covered by the dark clouds.

This reminded me of my situation at that point in time. I wasn’t shining yet, and I wasn’t performing at my full potential. I remember saying to myself, “If I stay committed, stay true to myself, do what I love and practice daily, exceeding through all hardships; I will one day shine through all the darkness that was holding me back.

Simply put. If you don’t quit, success is inevitable”. I printed off a document with those words that I could look at every morning as I was writing.

One morning I was writing while the sun was rising, and in my peripheral vision, I noticed a bull ant moving on this document I had next to me. I watched this little guy move around on it, and the bull ant eventually came to a halt. In the next few minutes, I couldn’t help but just sit there with a big smile on my face.

This ant stopped on a certain word that really made my blood stir. I was filled with excitement. The bull ant stayed there, and for a few minutes lowered its head, bowing down on the magic word.

And that word was… ‘Success’.
Here’as a picture I took:

And here’s a cool photoshop edit I did 😉

I was so amazed. That little guy was literally bowing down towards the word success and moving his antlers all over the place.

It was quite incredible to see that after putting a lot of effort and practicing, making many mistakes while writing this song. It was a sign from the universe telling me to be patient and persist. This transformation was a process of becoming something new. It was a new journey I begun.

It took me 33 days to write this song. Each day I put in a little effort which slowly transformed my style. It was unique. I created this song and a new way of playing. In those 33 days, I became a different person. And I wrote a song that I am truly proud of.

The colours that helped me embrace change were…

Blue & Green.

The Ripple Effect (Part I) – Wrote on August 25, 2014

My family held a garage sale on the 15th of June, 2014. A man came by with his wife and wanted to buy a leather jacket. He didn’t have enough money, but I decided to contribute towards the jacket and gave him the remaining money he needed.

6 days later I wasn’t home but he came by our door. He gave my sister $20 and told her to give it to me. He mentioned to my sister to let me know to ‘buy whatever I wanted with this money, and that may luck come my way.’

I didn’t use the money and decided to pass it on to a someone else. It was a lady who I was served by at a local nut store. I told her “Whatever you do with this money, may luck come your way”. And so began,

The Ripple Effect (Part I)…


The Ripple Effect (Part II) – Wrote on August 30, 2014

Part II of III came after I read a book titled ‘The Ripple Effect’ written by Tony Ryan. This song is about How You Can Make A Difference To The World Every Day.

Here are the main points I got out of that book which inspired this song.

~ Take Personal Responsibility – People who accept the responsibility of what they do take ownership of their actions, and those actions then are more likely to contribute positive benefits to the world.

~ Make Every Action Count – Ripples can begin from any single thing that you do. Thus, you must treat every action as though it is the special one that will create lasting and purposeful change.

~ Believe In Your Own Talents – Powerful ripples are created by those who believe in their talents and are prepared to live up to the potential of those talents.

Look for the good in others – Focus on the good rather than the things you don’t like. When you look for the good in others, you support the kinds of actions that make a positive contribution to the world.

~ Live in the present moment – Any ripples that you create in your life will begin in the present moment. it is right here and now that you change the world with your actions.

~ Bring people together – When people are brought together in a group, a party, a team, or any community initiative, they have a greater opportunity to create ripples in the lives of others.

The ripples continue.. and what came to life was…

The Ripple Effect (Part II).


The Ripple Effect (Part III) – Wrote on September 02, 2014

After reading ‘The Ripple Effect’ by Tony Ryan and being truly inspired I wanted to make a difference by releasing my first CD.

I decided to start a funding campaign. I launched it on September 22nd to raise the funds I needed to record. I used ‘Kickstarter’ (a crowd funding website for creative projects) and I heavily promoted it.

My goal was $3,000 in a 30-day time-frame. I went on several radio stations, I played at many open mic nights, and I spread the word out to a lot of people. I even decided to go out and busk locally with a poster stuck on the inside of my guitar case, so people can see it while they walk by and put money in.

After busking for several weeks, people who walked past regularly kept asking me how it was going and wished me all the best with it.

Not a lot happened for the first few weeks. And by October 13th we had funded $1,771. In 21 days we had 59% of the goal funded with 39 backers. We were a bit off track but I knew I was going to hit the goal. I persisted and continued to send my message forward.

The next morning on October 14th, I woke up and looked at my campaign. I was amazed. $3,046!!!

A man I have never met from the US pledged $1,250 to my Kickstarter campaign. The lesson here is… “Sometimes people you never met can be a blessing and add value in your life”. I was so grateful for the 41 Backers who helped exceed my goal. 101% Funded. We did it. With 8 days left I decided to aim bigger. I increased my goal to $4,000. On the 20th of October with 2 days left we hit $4,156, 58 Backers and 138% funded.

Although there were only 2 days left I decided I would not sit back and do nothing. I increased my goal again. This time to $5,000. Most people would think that’s crazy. Getting another $844 in 2 days. It originally took the first 7 days in my campaign to do that. I decided to think BIGGER and work harder than ever for those last 2 days.

On October 21st with 1 day left we had $4,491 pledged. 149% funded with 70 Backers. On the final day, 14 new backers helped me reach $5,066. Making it a total of 84 Backers and 168% Funded.

I’m so thankful for all of the support and the 84 people who made this possible.

I had an idea to do this campaign 2 weeks after I gave that $20 to that lady at the nut store. And in turn, it provided me the funding for my first CD. I do feel that helping that man out on June 15th, and passing on that $20 to that lady caused a ripple effect and helped with the outcome of this campaign. Many things affect our life and the outcome. Who knows where that $20 is… but whoever has it now, may luck come your way.

Give with joy. Receive with joy. Love.


The Ripple Effect… This decision inspired (Part III).


Feel It in You – Wrote on March 20, 2012
Writing music didn’t come easy for me. I used consistency fueled with passion and a never ending desire to get better.

This was the first song I wrote.

I knew I had the ability to do great. Each day and every song I worked on was progressing. Like the almighty symbolic Koi fish swimming upstream. Battling against all the hardship and aspiring to be better.

I wanted to become more than a guitarist who wrote songs. I aim to give meaning and to give an experience that is visceral.

Through what I’ve learned during my songwriting I can truly say “It’s not about the work you do. It’s about the heart you put into the work you do.”

Small daily improvements lead to giant mountains of growth. And every day if you put heart into your work and practice, you are going to improve. Sometimes we have to swim through the ocean of suffering without fear. Having that courage and determination is the strength within us.

We all have it within us to achieve great feats. To live on purpose with our higher calling. It is within us all…

It’s from within you become. You are.

Feel it in you.

Khalysi – Wrote on September 23, 2013
“From an experience of hurt, pain, discomfort, fear, and loss, beauty can blossom. Each experience we have can be used in a way that can inspire, connect and bless others.”

There are many uncertain circumstances in life; the state of affairs and things that leave you in disbelief. I wrote this song with a beautiful baby girl in mind. My heart was beating in unison with her spirit. My mind was filled with passion. Khalysi helped me enhance my musical ability, and the love I can share with others through my songs.

I felt a presence of a gorgeous baby girl, who enlightened the lives of many. I let go of my pain as this lovely baby girls life was taken. I was empowered with her grace. The melody, the rhythm, the feel; it all come to me like I was holding her in my arms. I experienced a lot of different emotions throughout the 8 days writing this song.

It impacted me dearly, and I am glad that the impact Khalysi had on me, has done the same for others. When two connect, a chain of respect, love, and compassion evolves.

The feeling I get when playing my song in honour of her is so powerful, so spiritually uplifting, and so emotionally dynamic.

The whole process has been life changing, and will never be forgotten. I will forever have love within.

I love you…


Getaway (Epilogue) – Wrote on October 25, 2014
Inspiration SURROUNDS US. This world has so much to offer. All around us is BEAUTY. EXPLORE AND RENEW YOUR MIND AND SOUL WITH A SHORT GETAWAY.

To the sea. On the shore, climb the mountains, through the woods. Create momentous EXPERIENCES with those YOU LOVE. Laugh and be always present. Love with all of your heart. Always.

This song that came together so effortlessly when I went to Phillip Island, VIC, AUS for my cousins birthday.

I learned about the importance of adventure and taking a short holiday to help renew the mind. To be around those you love and share experiences together. To show people important to you that you care. Ideas come and flow when you are at ease.

How about you decide today to…



I hope you’ve enjoyed these stories and may they inspire you and help improve the quality of your life.
My greatest love and respect,