I believe in the power of ripple effects… I intend to spread ripples that touch all shores, thanks to the gift of music that has helped and is helping inspire and improve the quality of life for people around the world, one song at a time…

Bio/Story —

Nathan Varga personifies musicianship at its finest with his rare-air ability to play Cajon and Guitar simultaneously. His musical prowess is phenomenal as he embodies a natural ease to his playing, with his humble character and expressive artistry that touches your soul and reminds you of who you are, and the beauty of life itself…

You’ll seriously appreciate as little as a few minutes with Nathan, for you’ll be moved in a way you never have before with music. It’s a common theme among fans that Nathan’s music is a soul journey that’s riveting for the heart, mind, and eye.

Jaws drop to the effect of Nathan playing solo, with his ability to change any emotion with a few plucks of the strings, sounding like three or more musicians playing. With his Acoustic Guitar, Multiple Capos (which he often glides on and off during performances), and Blue Burl Cajon, this artistic blend creates a remarkably full-bodied sound and a standout style. It’s a performance from Nathan that evidently creates a stillness in the room.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the Fingerstyle guitarist and Singer/Songwriter has an enthusiasm and passion that shines through his beautifully crafted melodies, peachy bass lines, and heavenly percussive elements.

Nathan first picked up Electric at the age of 16, but soon developed a true love and passion for the Acoustic, after being inspired by Andy McKee’s widely known video, ‘Drifting‘. Soon after he watched this video, Nathan spent countless hours teaching himself and what has now brought forth his creative genius, and birthed an unwavering devotion.

In 2014, Nathan was named “Best Guitarist” in the EMERGENZA Melbourne State Finals, as well as winning 1st place in the South Gippsland Busker’s Festival. Although inspired by Andy McKee, Nathan is regarded as a guitarist who gives Andy a run for his money and renowned for his originality and innovation.

It’s imperative to see this man in action. There is a soul-stirring energy he creates, and the continuity of his playing is captivating. If you blink too soon while he seamlessly, and swiftly flows the position of the guitar from parallel to an upright position, it may have you wondering, when did that happen?

Over the many years of playing, Nathan has written over 30 songs, yet we have only been exposed to his first EP titled: ‘There’s Something About Your Character…‘ he independently released in August 2015. With 8 beautiful tracks, it’s only a matter of time before we see what this man comes up with on his next release.

Nathan truly plays from the heart and devotes his time to enrich the lives of others around the world, one song at a time. His musicianship is unsurpassed in his field, and his commitment to his craft is inspiring. Nathan sees songwriting as an ability to transfer experience and emotion, into infinite possibilities, that can inspire positive change when heard or watched by others. Possibilities he knows that create a life of meaning.

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It’s not about the work you do. It’s about the heart you put in the work you do. ~ Nathan Varga

My Story:

There is always a tipping point during a person in their journey and my fascination with the guitar started at a young age in my early primary school years. My parents couldn’t afford guitar lessons but I wanted to try to play. So I often borrowed a classical guitar from a friend during school hours.

I remember the first time I picked up the guitar I held it the wrong way and I definitely couldn’t imagine doing what I do today!

Years went by not doing anything and in 2009 I remember seeing an electric guitar in the shopping mall. Yep, I managed to convince my Mother to purchase it ;-).

At this point, I’m 16 and I spent days in my room learning songs from bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers with a great little Orange amp my Dad got me. I was also heavily into Guitar Hero on Xbox 360. I spent every day playing that racking up achievements LOL.

Everything I learned was on my own, learning other people’s songs, making up my own riffs, etc.

After playing electric guitar for awhile, in 2010 there came a day that changed everything. I came across a video on YouTube by an artist named ‘Andy McKee‘.

The song was called ‘Drifting‘. And still, to this day, I feel that if I had did not spend 3 minutes and 19 seconds watching his video, I wouldn’t be the musician I am today.

So I went out and purchased my first Acoustic Steel-String guitar. It was a Takamine EG523SC.

With my new guitar, I watched Andy’s videos and learned everything he was doing. I then discovered more artists that influenced me significantly. I spent hours watching them on YouTube. Some of which include Antoine Dufour, Craig D’Andrea, Van Larkins, Trace Bundy & Sungha Jung.

I watched these guys and used my fingers in ways I never imagined doing. I learned all the different techniques they were using. I learned their songs, I became so fascinated with fingerstyle guitar.

Eventually, there came a point where I was ready to start writing my own songs with all that I had learned, trying to incorporate my new discoveries into my own unique way of expressing music.

“Music has always had a significant effect on me. I have always wanted to add that significance to another person’s life through the art of my music”. ~ Nathan Varga

It’s now 2011 and I was studying Sound Production. I went back & forth by a train from Belgrave to BoxHill 5 days a week. For those 2 years, I would practice on the train most days, all the way to where I studied and back home.

I remember a time in 2012. I was on the train with my guitar when a young girl approached me once I finished playing. I was playing a wonderful song titled ‘River Flows in You’ (written by Yiruma).

This little girl then lets go of her mother’s hand and she said something to me that I will forever be thankful for. Her kind words struck a chord inside me. It instilled more belief in myself to impact many others positively, through the art of my music. She said something so simple, yet those spoken words were a tipping point for me.

The young girl said: “Thank you for your beautiful guitar playing Sir.” The little girl then gave me the biggest grin to which her Mother then tells me: “Always keep doing what you’re doing, with the love you have shown.” They both said goodbye and left the train…

I was feeling so wonderful. I embraced it, and right then I was so inspired to write a piece…and so the writing commenced.

The song I wrote in honour of that moment. I called it, ‘Caught in the Moment‘. I spent a great amount of time with a few other people during my Sound Production course putting together a music video in the film studio in BoxHill. You can watch it on YouTube here:


“Practicing excites development, development increases your ability, and enhancing your ability will help you achieve.” ~ Nathan Varga

A lot of my inspiration came from watching other musicians I admire perform. I always enjoy going to see live music. One musician in particular, ‘Raul Midon‘. His style is world-class and truly captivating. Being a soulful blind man, he truly shows that the only limits, are the ones you make up in your mind.

I went and saw Raul play at ‘The Corner Hotel‘ in Melbourne on the 21st of November, 2013. I arrived early and sat down in the audience. I noticed two men walk in and sit down on another table near me. In that moment I had this feeling overcome me.

It was telling me to invite them over to sit on my table. I had no idea why, but I had to go with this feeling, and because I went with that feeling, the next morning I was performing on their radio show! 3MDR 97.1FM became family to me. Their support and appreciation for my music has been truly amazing. That night was another tipping point when I met Dougie and Wayne from 3MDR.

“Music is not only what you hear, but also what you see and feel. These senses we get from the music heighten the soul.” – Nathan Varga

I started doing live shows because of a simple choice on that night. My first gig was at Kelly’s Bar & Kitchen (Olinda), December 2013.

And 1 year later in November 2014 after meeting those two men at The Corner Hotel, I was up on stage performing at that Iconic venue. I never expected to be playing there so soon, and it was very gratifying to see that I had come from making a small choice in the audience at Raul Midon’s show, to then be looking down at an audience in front of me, up on stage, at The Corner Hotel.

Here’s a cool shot from the night:

“Music has been something that has developed myself internally. It reconnects me to my values and recharges me to maintain focus. It inspires me to get my best work done and provides me with a feeling like no other. A feeling that is euphoric, one that is golden. An immense and electrifying reaction that soothes my entire body, and the chatter in my mind. A feeling that can be so gratefully passed on to another person, and eventually reach out to millions.” ~ Nathan Varga

I really believe in persistence and always striving to become a greater person. March 2014 was when I went through a huge transformation. I always wanted to do something different. I purchased a small stool from ISHKA before going away for 1 month in March 2014.

Here’s that exact stool. It is broken today, but remains with me as memorabilia 🙂

I had no need for the stool at the time, I just purchased it because it was calling me. I never knew that it would become a part of my performance today. After coming back being away for 1 month in Queensland, clearing my mind in nature, I came home and had an ‘Ah-ha’ moment. I realised what I could use that stool for.

In 2011 I purchased this Cajon. (It’s beautiful and blue)

It was practically untouched, lying around and not being used for 3 years until I had this idea. I decided I wanted to learn to play both the Guitar & Cajon simultaneously.

Here’s the result of that decision:

I remember scheduling 1 hour every day to write this song. Some days I would be so tired but I still got my guitar out and worked on it (so I thought….) When I was that tired I would lay there on my bed with it in my arms and be nodding off to sleep. I guess my subconscious mind was working on it for me… 🙂

So after 33 days of doing this, I finished writing my new song titled ‘Blue & Green‘, in which I incorporated both the Cajon and Guitar. Blue & Green was a song that transformed my style significantly.

Here you can watch me play the song on YouTube:


Before that night when I played at the Corner Hotel I was truly grateful that on September 28, 2014, I went to an Open Mic at Pony Music Studios and met some great guys there. I would like to thank all the team for their help and especially Geoff Mison for your continuous support along my journey. I want to show my appreciation for helping me getting an endorsement with Elixir Strings as well as featuring me on Guitar Gods & Masterpieces Show.

You can watch me play at that Open Mic at Pony Music Studios here:


The recordings for Guitar Gods & Masterpieces are here:


In September 2014, I quit my job and started busking. It was not easy, but I really felt that it was something I needed to do at the time. And to this day it is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

In September 2014, I quit my job and started busking. It was not easy, but I really felt that it was something I needed to do at the time. And to this day it is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

While busking I met and connected with a beautiful woman who inspired the creation of more music. We are not together today, but I had 2 amazing years with her that I am so grateful for. I also met many other people that have helped me significantly on my journey and I thank each of you with all of my heart.

During September 22 to October 22, 2014, I funded $5066 through Kickstarter. I spent 1 week recording 8 songs in January 2015. Throughout the rest of 2015, I designed the artwork, I did all the promotion, and organised all the shows for my CD launch. On August 7, 2015, I was grateful to have released my first CD.

You can listen and purchase on my Store page, on my Bandcamp. I’m also on iTunesGoogle PlayAmazon,  and many other platforms.

Today I am blessed to have been able to continue my journey, making a difference and reaching many milestones. Some of which include performing on Guitar Gods & Masterpieces TV Show, EMERGENZA State Finals – Best Guitarist Award, and an Endorsement with Elixir Strings.

My greatest wish is to be able to help as many people possible in my life, to radiate love, and to be remembered for my music and its impact.Every performance I do in love. Every song I write, I write with love. For I’ve learned that “It’s not about the work you do. It’s about the heart you put into the work you do”.

My name is Nathan Varga.
With love and respect,
I hope to be an inspiration for you.
“There are only a few artists which are etched into your memory….one of those artists, is Nathan Varga. Not just is Nathan an outstanding guitarist; his enthusiasm and dedication is like a fresh breeze which makes him such a pleasure to work with. He’s genuine, honest, hardworking and talented, who I believe, will go very far.” Tracey Arbon

CEO & Founder, Music Talks.xyz

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Photography by Wayne Young  © 2017

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