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“I dream the day when I meet you, until then, may you be at peace.”


For 4 years I sponsored a child through World Vision and her name was ‘Talyta Ferreira Dantas’. I remember the day I started sponsoring her. In December 2013 I heard a knock at the door. When I opened the door I saw a man standing there with a photo of her. He didn’t even need to say a word, I was intrigued by this little girl and felt called to her. So that day I started sponsoring her and began helping make a difference.

I was planning on visiting Talyta for the first time in December 2017, but unfortunately, that could not happen as my sponsorship of Talyta ended on April 2017, due to World Vision having to cease working with the community and say farewell.  I was disappointed but I knew that it had to end at some stage and that myself and other generous change makers helped make an incredible impact on that community.

I believe we will cross paths one day and I wish for you love and raw hope,



Recorded at Box Hill Institute Mixed and edited by Nikul Prasad (N.P Productions) Filmed, mixed and edited by Nikul Prasad.


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The Ripple Effect, Pt. 3

“Whatever you do, may luck come your way.”


A song I wrote in three parts inspired after a garage sale my family held. A man came by with his wife and wanted to buy a leather jacket. He didn’t have enough money, but I decided to contribute towards the jacket and gave him the remaining money he needed.

6 days later I wasn’t home but he came by our door. He gave my sister $20, and told her to give it to me. He mentioned to my sister to let me know to ‘buy whatever I wanted with this money, and that may luck come my way.’

I didn’t use the money and decided to pass it on to a someone else. It was a lady who I was served by at a local nut store. I told her “Whatever you do with this money, may luck come your way”. And so began,

The Ripple Effect…


Aired on ’24 Melbourne’ 24th of March 2017 @ 9:30 PM Channel 31

Segment created by Brett Hamilton Filmed at RMIT City Campus 8th of August 2016

Blue & Green

“Speak your truth, open up your heart, and do all you do in love”.


Blue & Green was the beginning of new growth for me. This song is about transformation, and the process we go through, just like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

In March, 2014 I spent one month in Queensland up in the Wongawallen Mountains and I had an idea that took form.

I wanted to write a song and play both Guitar and Cajón at the same time.

This is my transformation…


Recorded live in the Wedge Tail Studios, Melbourne, Australia

Film Produced by Wedge Tail Records

Incognito (feat. Julian Steel)

“Sometimes it takes someone else to spark inspiration and re-ignite the flame.”


A musician friend of mine used to play fingerstyle guitar, and after awhile forgot about it. He took on some different endeavours and one day after seeing me play live he was inspired to get back into playing. We then we wrote this song together in one day and put it up on YouTube.

This song we wrote is about uncovering hidden beauties that were once forgotten…


Performed & Recorded LIVE in Julian’s Studio with no overdubs.


The Maples Begin to Appear

“The differences that you make that are ones of lasting importance are the little differences that you make in the life of another person.” – Richard Pimentel


After writing Incognito with Julian I was inspired. When I made a small difference in his life, it made a lasting difference for us both.

I believe there is ‘music within us all’. And sometimes for that music to come out it takes you making a small difference in someone else’s life. This song came to life because of what I did for Julian.

When we inspire, help, bless, and uplift people, we cannot help but feel good. We feel inspired ourselves. And I feel that it contributes to making the most lasting differences in the world.

That is when…

The Maples Begin To Appear.


Recorded by Geoff Mison & Simon Bray at Pony Music

Mixed by Geoff Mison at Pony Music

Video by Guitar Gods & Masterpieces

Genesis 28

“Sometimes people you’ve never met can be a blessing and add value to your life.”


I wrote this song for a man whose generosity helped me significantly on my journey. Many people have impacted me, and I’m thankful for every single one of you.

In this song I wanted to get the message across that kindness is always welcome. My promise for David is to help someone, and many people in my life in an unexpected way. Just as he did for me.

May this inspire you to do more good in the world today, and from here on..


Recorded by Geoff Mison & Simon Bray at Pony Music

Mixed by Geoff Mison at Pony Music

Video by Guitar Gods & Masterpieces

Caught in the Moment

“One moment, a simple gesture can positively impact a person and their life significantly”.


One day I was playing a song titled ‘River Flows In You’ by Yiruma. After I finished the song a little girl came up to me and spoke these words: “Sir, thank you for your beautiful guitar playing”.

Those simple moments I am really thankful for. When someone appreciates me and my music. I was inspired and I wrote this song with the intention of making people’s hearts sing.

That day I was…

Caught In the Moment.


Recorded at Box Hill Institute

Video shot by Andrew Kelly

Audio & Editing: Nathan Varga

"May my MUSIC create an endless Ripple..."


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