This page is dedicated my fans, their dreams and more. Music is a gift for me to share. But more importantly YOU, A FAN are a gift to me and to this world. My music has purpose because of YOU. Together I hope we can make a difference. Feel free to share some inspiration below and anything you think can help someone out there. Let’s be of great influence.


Definition of RIPPLE EFFECT : a spreading, pervasive, and usually unintentional effect or influence

Dreams —


Remember someone is Thinking of and Thankful for YOU. ?
Check out the dreams, the inspiration, the stories, the words of wisdom, the encouragement, the kindness, and the love and more from people around the 7 continents of the world. You all have a voice here on this page ? KEEP IT SHORT & SWEET ? Thank you for sharing.

  • Nathan Varga, Berwick, Victoria – My mission is to create Ripple Effects that inspire people around the world, communicating that each and every one of us has a unique purpose that no one in this world has to share. To be able to contribute in ways in which only you are made for. To help you connect to who you truly are.

Fans —

  •    Nathan's music truly has the potential to take you to... read more

    Beaumont Miles 10/18/2016

       Nathan's musical prowess is phenomenal! His music is enchanting and... read more

    Brett Hamilton 10/08/2016

       Nath played at my birthday this past Saturday and he... read more

    Tori Hume 7/24/2017
  •    Nathan's music is incredible....In simple terms. He's got the potential... read more

    Bobby Stephens 4/12/2017

       Nathan is a guitar virtuoso. I have never seen anyone... read more

    Ivan Puggioni 10/15/2016

       Nathan's music is something else! Highly skilled and talented, his... read more

    Chris Cmrlec 4/27/2017
  •    Young very Talented guitarist easy listening music. Very relaxing. And... read more

    Wayne Young 4/12/2017

       Uniquely talented, Nathan's music is a soul journey that's riveting... read more

    Naomi Anderson 10/04/2016

       Very inspirational ,takes you to another level..!

    Rudy Varga 10/05/2016
  •    I first heard of Nathan while he was doing an... read more

    David Patch 10/15/2016

       This guy is incredible. He just gets better and better!

    Tracey Arbon 10/03/2016

       This music is absolutely life changing. Thank you Nathan for... read more

    Jenna Snelgrove MassageTherapist 2/14/2017
  •    Nathan is pure talent! His music has this magical abilty... read more

    Wendy Jacobs 4/11/2017

       I think Nathan is great! His style of guitar... read more

    Kevin Nunn 3/15/2017

       I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Nathan... read more

    Sue Kidd 8/10/2017
  •    Words fail me to describe the beauty of Nathan Varga's... read more

    Chelsea Benton 10/15/2016

       I think Nathan is great! His style of guitar... read more

    Kevin Nunn 3/15/2017

       I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Nathan... read more

    Sue Kidd 8/10/2017

I appreciate you all so much for writing such amazing and meaningful messages about my music and what it means to you.

I always go back through these and it inspires me immensely.

Feel free to add your own and be featured on the page.

"May my MUSIC create an endless Ripple..."


The best way to support an independent artist like me is to join my exclusive community. YOU are the foundation of everything I do. I'd love you to be a part of it or at least check it out. Thank you!

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